How To FiveM SERVER Rules (Ready Template)

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FiveM Server Rules;

1) RDM is Forbidden! : Role-free and random kill.

2) It is mandatory to use a microphone, not using it is a reason for warning.

3) You can not go out of role in the game in any way.

4) It is mandatory to write from the role-announcement section when the police are abducted, and a high-ranking police must approve.

5) EMS is untouchable and cannot be missed in any way.

6) Authorized persons can punish when they see any violation of rules without the need to complain.

7) Do not use any information that your character does not know (information you hear from twitch, discord etc.)

8) You have to act in accordance with the physical characteristics of your character.

9) Nobody is superior to anyone.

10) You have to be respectful of LSPD and EMS.

11) Stealing LSPD and EMS tools is the cause of ban.

12) "SS" or "Video Recording" is mandatory for compensation.

13) People in Whitelist professions must notify the authorities when unfounded notice is received.

14) Kidnapping, killing, etc. in safe areas. things are forbidden.

15) During the role, removing the vehicle from the vehicle spawn points and trying to escape is the reason for the warning.

16) Empty notice to LSPD and EMS is a reason for warning.

17) It is forbidden to handcuff, stun, and kill the other party without any role with the other party.

18) Roleplay stays in the game, never discontinues.

19) It is forbidden to tag managers on discord.

20) It is forbidden to use engines in illegal works.

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