FiveM World Forum Rules (!)

  • Hello, Welcome to the International FiveM Forum
    We have an important announcement, you can speak in your own language in this forum. You can use Turkish if you are Turkish, German if you are German or the language you want. We can understand you with our competent team who speak many different languages. This is a free forum site, this forum site does not work for individuals and institutions. You are free!

    Merhaba, Uluslararası FiveM Forumuna Hoşgeldin
    Önemli bir duyurumuz var, bu forumda kendi anadilinde konuşabilirsin. Türk isen Türkçe, Alman isen Almanca veya istediğin dili kullanabilirsin. Bir çok farklı dil bilen yetkili ekibimiz ile sizi anlayabiliriz. Burası özgür bir forum sitesidir, bu forum sitesi tekil kişilere ve kurumlara çalışmamaktadır. Özgürsün!
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Dream State

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  • Racism is prohibited.​
  • Unauthorized advertising is prohibited.​
  • Bullying and insulting messages are prohibited.​
  • Spam is prohibited.​
  • Flood is prohibited.​
  • If unrelated issues are opened, they will be locked immediately or administrative sanction may be imposed.​
  • Attach the subject you have opened with the relevant photographs and evidence data.​
  • Only one Complaint subject can be opened for a subject. Do not open a different complaint subject.​
  • It is forbidden for third parties to write comments about the complaints filed, except for those complaining or making a complaint.​
  • FiveM WORLD - FiveM SHOP - CFX Admin complaint cannot be opened. You can contact the administrative Admin and Moderation team regarding this.​
  • If you are going to complain to a member from a different country, please open a complaint in that language and Turkish language.​
  • Legally, FIVEMWORLD.COM and its Team cannot be held responsible for the issues opened here.​
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