How To How to install FiveM Server (Windows)

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⚫ It is the first library software that we need to install in order to run FXServer on our computer or server in a healthy way. Failure to open the CMD screen of our FXServer if it is not installed will result in library errors (such as the xxx.dll file not found), and your server will not boot.

⚫Be sure to install Visual C ++ redistributable 2017 or newer.

⚫FX Create a new folder on the desktop called FXServer or XXServer (for example D: \ FXServer) on any second disk directory or any directory you want.

⚫Note: If FXServer does not support Turkish character folder name, let's mention here, when you create Turkish character folder, you may encounter problems such as not being able to start your server or turning the CMD screen on and off for a second.

⚫ We extract our downloaded FXServer file ( into our newly created folder using any archiving tool (such as WinRAR or 7-Zip).

⚫ We download the git program required to download our CitizenFXServer-Data file according to our current windows operating system (in the form of 32bit or 64bit) and install it next time like normal program installation.

⚫ (eg D: \ FXServer) If you remember our directory last, we removed our FXServer architectural structure files and now we will install our CitizenFXServer-Data files via the git program. We enter the folder you have created for FXServer. After making a "right click", we click on the option "Go Bash Here" to the program screen that comes up.

git clone [URL][/URL] server-data

⚫ After copying and pasting the code, we start the installation by pressing the enter button.

⚫ After installation, you can close the program. You can confirm that the installation has been completed successfully by seeing the "server-data" folder in the folder of the folder you are installing.

⚫ Note: After the command that you have pasted, you can find out by printing the folder directory with the colored text on the screen.

⚫ Gird After entering the "server-data" folder of our FXServer, we create a "new text document.txt" and rename it to "server.cfg". We copy our sample server.cfg configuration and paste it into our "server.cfg" file via Notepad ++.

⚫ Note: If the "new text document.txt" that I mentioned above is being created as "new text document" in your folder -> after removing the "Control Panel> File Explorer Options> View> Hide extensions for known file types" option, save our adjustment and save it we are exiting and now we have seen our "new text document.txt" file.

⚫ For the "sv_licenseKey" concept brought by FiveM in 2018, we need to create a special license key for our FXServer, otherwise our server will not start.

To create a license key, we will only have one FiveM forum membership and the Dynamic IP or Static IP used by our computer or the IP address used by our server.

Note: You can find out the IP address you are using instantly on the site.

By entering, you can create a special license key for your server by filling in the required fields correctly.

In order to define our FXServer that we have created, we open our "server.cfg" file with Notepad ++ and change the "sv_licenseKey changeme" part to "sv_licenseKey" that we have created and save and close our file.

⚫ If you have implemented all the processes I have described so far, you have completed the 90% required for the installation of your server. Since the reason I made such a narration is not an updated narrative in Turkish, which works in detail and stably on the Internet, I tried to explain to you, our dear readers, the most detailed and careful installation of the FiveM server, and in the following times, all the game modes I have experienced (Roleplay, Deathmatch (Freeroam) I will try to explain the installations of Drift, Zombie (survival, battle royal) by opening the subject and I will try to be the light of our friends who need questions or help.

⚫ Let's get ready to prepare our 10% FXServer which is the final of our installation.

We are entering the main directory of the folder where we installed our FXServer. (eg D: \ FXServer) here we create a "new text document.txt" and change its name to "start.bat". We open and start editing our file "start.bat" with Notepad ++. After learning the directory where you installed our FXServer in windows operating system with a "left click" to the directory bar, copy the directory with the shortcut CTRL + C and after you change and save the required places in the example windows FXServer start command I have given below, you can start your server without any problems.

Note: I have used the directory (D: \ FXServer) which I have given as an example from the beginning as the FXServer installed directory.

cd /d D:\FXServer\server-data
D:\FXServer\run.cmd +exec server.cfg

⚫ All that remains is to log in to our server via the FiveM client to understand whether we have successfully installed or installed our FXServer. If you can not log in even if you have set up your server in such a detailed description, I will try to help as much as I can if you contact me by sending a private message on the forum.

⚫ In order to connect to our FXServer, which we have installed over the FiveM client, we first need to know what kind of setup we have done and what our infrastructure is. Are we installing on our computer with a laptop or desktop windows operating system in our home or office, or on a server that we get from hosting companies with remote desktop providers?

⚫ If we are installing from a home or business computer with a Dynamic IP address and trying to connect to our FXServer, our work here is completely local, that is, localhost work. Since we do not have a static IP address, only us can see our FXServer by typing "localhost" in the server search section with Direct Connect on the FiveM client and only we can connect.

Note: If you do not have a Static IP address, you can contact your Internet Service Provider (Cable Net) and purchase Static IP service for a certain fee.

⚫ If we are installing from a home or business computer with a static IP address, we can connect to the FXServer port on the modem we are using (by opening the port of our FXServer on the modem) by typing the Direct Connect section to our FXServer in the form of Static IP: Port. In the FiveM server list, everyone, including us, can see the name of our FXServer, and we can also provide external player input. Assuming that our internet has the lowest upload speed of 50 mbps or 100 mbps, we can also use our home or business computer as a normal remote desktop server for gamers.

⚫ If we have a remote desktop server, we just need to set it up properly. You can connect to our FXServer on the FiveM client by typing server IP: Port in the Direct Connect section. We can see the name of our FXServer in the FiveM Server list, including us, and we can also provide external player input.

⚫ However, if you still cannot connect to your FXServer via the FiveM client, I will finally recommend you to shut down if your Firewall is on, or try to connect by adding your FXXerver.exe file to the list of applications allowed by the Firewall and rebooting your server.
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